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released January 8, 2013

Music and Lyrics by Isolationist
Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Will Beasley
Produced by Isolationist
Artwork by Cameron Gurkin and Brandon Johnson
Additional Vocals on “Crooklyn” performed by Thomas Hirst of Creations
Additional Vocals on “Turmoil” performed by Zachary Johnson



all rights reserved


ISOLATIONIST Elizabeth City, North Carolina

Heavy band from North Carolina. Listen to the tunes, share us around, get us some shows, tell your friends. Mosh on.

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Track Name: Force Fed Faith
How does it feel going through life with nothing to say at all? Pushing through your lies and deception, you’re living a lie. You live your life, force fed faith. Death will arrive to spit in your face. Sit the fuck back and learn your place in life. Your God’s not here to choose your fate. You see that my conscience is clear. Fuck your followers. You spread lies; through your filth. You live a misread book of deception. Straight from your lies, stray from reality. I’m here to ignore your advertisements to get me to believe. I stay true to me. My mind is free from your beliefs, my conscience is clear and your home is at stake. I will not conform. I will continue to doubt. You are the trend, I am destruction.
Track Name: Surveillent
Why does it feel like I tried too hard? It seems like it was a waste of time to push forth the effort of being one who is honest and thoughtful. I just don't see the path. As I sit behind these doors I think of my memories, how I evolved from the corruption of society. To reach through the fake ones to reach my goal, to see that my path is clear. And now that I see my soul is released, from the corrupt convoluted ways of the world. Please see that I have never felt more relieved. But this world is forsaken to the end. Through the struggles I have been through, I have ones to rely on. I have faith in myself to rise above. This world is a fucking disgrace.
Track Name: Benighted
I can’t stand the stupidity, running through the world today. Your ignorance has crowned you king, and I’m digging my own grave to get away from it all. Nothing will be the same. I’m just a short fuse in line. Overtaken by darkness, I’m done with childish games. I hate this life. I live my life waiting to wash away, so I won’t have to be a part of this anymore. All it seems like I was just another pawn in your game of hypocrisy. Write this down so you’ll remember why I despise the ground you walk upon. Becoming one with your crowd is turning my back on everything I am. You can meet me when I resurrect myself, whenever that may be. You have no idea how I feel and where I’m going. You have no trace of my past, and no signs of my further destinations. Remove yourself with your false intentions. Nothing left to say, because you've said it all. Breaking down the barrier of your flaws, seems like my minds made up, but it's nothing new. Trying to stay sane with the likes of you pushing through the barrier of my mind. Finally, I have realized this time it's not enough. Ignorance engulfs this fucking earth.
Track Name: Crooklyn (ft. Thomas Hirst)
The concept of your misread reactions, you make everything seem like it should be given to you. As you wait for your lies prosper, the false sense of security. No more waiting for these lies to change. Stray from the reason that you hide behind. You fucked the only chance. From the struggles within I tried to protest to get to see the errors of your ways. When will you change again? You’ve become everything you’ve ever despised and as you turn your back to the world, your outreached will be met with nothing but dead eyes. There’s no sincerity in the words that you speak. There’s no clarity of who you will be today. The accusation that you state with the filth you preach never seems to be consistent with the traitorous remarks, to see that I am never the same as you. Disrespect is all you know.
Track Name: Down the Road
From the moment you judged me. You sealed your fate with me. No more wasting my time with explaining myself. You never will understand how to have an open mind. As you spread your ignorance, you spread disease. Now that you see that I don't care what you think of me, I rather you leave me to live my life. I tried to be the one who stays calm, but you have overstepped your boundaries. You’ve seen the best of me and act like you care, but you don't know a thing about friendship. This will be my time, to rise above all this false sense of hope. You will not be the last one, so stay out my fucking face. You try to pretend like you know my life, but you never even stepped in my shoes. Your ego is bigger than you think, stop thinking you are better than everybody else.
Track Name: Turmoil (ft. Zachary Johnson)
What’s your life to me? What’s your life to anyone? I will never change. Everything that represents you is a bottle of nitroglycerin, on its way to a bonfire. Seek and resist and you will be released from my mind and from my thoughts. The world is almost at its knees, and my minds clearly at an ease, calm down think about conclusions, before you act out a scene. I didn't change, I merely just evolved. Your explosive mood swings and destructive attributes make it look like I fucked up your world, when you were the one who lit the match at the end of the trail. Through the past present and future you still will learn nothing. Through the past present and future you still will be nothing.